Should I bake Tezos myself or delegate to a baker?

Baking Tezos yourself:
Pros: You get all of the rewards back.
Cons: >=8K ꜩ minimum of balance, complexity of baking stabilisation; risk on private key/network protection; volatile baking right and rewards.

Delegating to a baker:
Pros: With minimum balance requirement(currently 100ꜩ), you get most of the rewards without the hassle of building your own infrastructure and there is a reward compensation guarantee for missed baking and endorsement(upon different bakers’ policy).
Cons: You have to pay 15% of the reward as a service fee.

Is there any requirement on the minimum amount to delegate to XTZMaster?

The minimum delegation amount to receive baking rewards is 100ꜩ .

How is the fee charged by XTZMaster?

XTZMaster charges service fee with a fixed rate of 15% from the reward that your delegation generates, prior to rewards dispatching to delegators.

When can I get my reward paid? How often is my reward paid?

Although the rewards of your delegation will start to generate from the 7th cycle since you delegate to us, it is until the 12th cycle the reward will be unlocked and delivered to the bakers (us), thus you will be paid out right after we receive the reward from the Tezos system.

Your reward will be paid out per cycle, around 2.83 days each in average.

We recommend using third party services to check the dispatch of your rewards. https://baking-bad.org/

My reward is different in every cycle. Why?

The reward comes from exercising baking and endorsement rights, which is allocated randomly among all rolls involved in baking, thus, the opportunity of baking and endorsement varies between cycles. In general, the larger a baker, the more stable the reward.

Do I lose my reward when I transfer in to you from other bakers?

As the Tezos system uses the snapshot taken 7 cycles prior to present to bake, your right to bake with us won’t take effect until the 7th cycle, but you are still entitled for the baking rights with the previous baker for 7 cycles from the time you transfer out. Upon the policy defined by the other bakers, you might or might not lose rewards from them, please check with them for policy details.

Do I lose my reward when I transfer out from you to other bakers or to cash out my balance?

We regret to see you go but we guarantee any benefit that our delegators entitled to receive. You will be still receiving 7 cycles of rewards, with the normal 5 cycles of delayed unlock/payout, which means the last reward you receive from us will be the 12th cycle since you leave.

How are my delegations secured?

In a delegation, you hold the fund yourself. We do not your fund at all, so please make sure you keep them safely. 

Can I withdraw my fund?

Yes, you are not locked into the contract, and your fund is available for withdraw anytime, any amount, the remaining balance will still be entitled for future possible reward.

How secure is your baking system?

Safety and stability come first. We put tons of effort to ensure the best practice is applied in our infrastructure to protect the interest of our customers, from standalone high performance servers and fault tolerance network structure to hack-proof IP protection.

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