The master chef of Tezos baking

At XTZMaster, we put our customers first.

The tailored user dashboard takes you onto a unique journey, taking away all uncertainties during your delegation. You deserve the first class level quality services on infrastructure, customer care and more, thanks to our experienced professionals.

Now, take a cup of coffee and enjoy our risk-free guarantee delegation, with a small service fee, ranging from 8% to 12.5%.

Delegation Address

Baking Capacity Usage

The master chef of Tezos baking
Tailored Dashboard

Tailored Dashboard

  • Portfolio on fingertip
  • Clearness on rewards
  • Report on service health
Tailored Dashboard

Risk-free guarantee

  • Transfer-In Risk-free
  • Transfer-Out Risk-free
  • Accident Compensation
Tailored Dashboard


  • Upcoming wallet support for Tezos
  • Assets management
  • Insights of Tezos world